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Atmospheric radar observation data

Middle and upper atmosphere radar (MU radar)

The middle and upper atmosphere radar (MU radar) is located at Shigaraki MU observatory in Koka city, Shiga prefecture, Japan (34.86N, 136.11E). The MU radar is the largest atmospheric radar in the Asian region, and continues atmospheric observation from the lower atmosphere to the upper atmosphere more than 20 years since 1984. The data by MU radar and other instruments installed in the MU observatory are listed below. The data are valuable for atmosphere, ionosphere and humanosphere science.

Other data in Shigaraki MU observatory

This data has been registered in IUGONET (Inter-university Upper atmosphere Global Observation NETwork) metadata database. The IUGONET metadata database will be of great help to researchers in efficiently finding and obtaining ground-based observation data spread over the institutes/universities. Click and visit to the IUGONET website.


For using of the data in this database, please read and follow the notice and data use policy in each data page.

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