Horizontal wind data in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere estimated from the meteor 
radar observations at Shigaraki (netCDF format)


  The horizontal wind data in the middle-latitude mesosphere and lower thermosphere 
(70-110 km) estimated from the meteor wind observations at Shigaraki MU Observatory 
in Shiga Prefecture, Japan (34.86N, 136.11E, 385m MSL). The wind data are calculated 
from the original observation data with a weighting function. They are stored in the 
netCDF (network Common Data Form) file named Ws(year)(month)(day).(resolution).nc 
or Ws(year)(month).(resolution).nc. The resolution abbreviations are h2t60min00, 
h2t60min30, h4t60min00 and h4t60min30. For example, the h2t60 means weighted 
average with Gaussian factors over +/-1 km in height and +/-60 minutes in time. 
The min00 shows that the center of the Gaussian window corresponds to 00 minute 
of every hour. The intervals of the wind data are every 2 km and 60 minutes. The 
netCDF file includes time, height, zonal and meridional winds, standard deviations of 
zonal and meridional winds, and number of meteors used for the weighted average of 
the horizontal wind.
 Details are described in the metadata.

Data revision:

  Initial version (1.0) was released on May 13, 2013.

Revision history:

13MAY2013  A. Shinbori  :  Updated metadata file.
13MAY2013  A. Shinbori  :  Released initial version.