Time-height plot of horizontal wind data in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere 
estimated from the meteor wind radar at Shigaraki (gif format)


  The time-height plot of horizontal wind data in the middle-latitude mesosphere and lower 
thermosphere (70-110 km) estimated from the meteor wind observations at Shigaraki MU 
Observatory in Shiga Prefecture, Japan (34.86N, 136.11E, 385m MSL). File name of each plot 
is composed of date and variable abbreviation: Ws(year)(month)(day).(resolution).gif (daily 
plot), Ws(year)(month).(resolution).gif (monthly plot) and Ws(year).(resolution).gif (yearly plot). 
The resolution abbreviations are h2t60min00, h2t60min30, h4t60min00 and h4t60min30 
(please refer to the readme file of text or netCDF data for details of the resolution 
abbreviations). These plots are made using the netCDF data of each resolution in time and 
height. For yearly plot, only the h2t60min00 and h4t60min00 data are used and averaged for 
each day. The daily average is done if there are more than one valid data in all of the four 
time zones (0-5, 6-11, 12-17 and 18-24 h).
 Details are described in the metadata.

Data revision:

  Initial version (1.0) was released on May 13, 2013.

Revision history:

13May2013  A. Shinbori  :  Updated metadata file for initial version.
13May2013  A. Shinbori  :  Released initial version.