Radiosonde Observation Data in Indonesia

Please note: If you acquire radiosonde data, we ask that you acknowledge us in your use of the data. This may be done by including text such as radiosonde data provided by Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere of Kyoto University. We would also appreciate receiving a copy of the relevant publications. Thank you!
This data has been registered in IUGONET (Inter-university Upper atmosphere Global Observation NETwork) metadata database. The IUGONET metadata database will be of great help to researchers in efficiently finding and obtaining ground-based observation data spread over the institutes/universities. Click and visit to the IUGONET website.

IUGONET also prepared the iUgonet Data Analysis Software (UDAS) for the upper atmospheric observation data. If you install the UDAS, you can easily access, download, visualize and analyze the MU radar observation data through the Internet. Please click and try to use the UDAS.

Radiosonde Observation Data at Uji

Brief description of archived data

Archive parameters:
CSV (Comma Separated Values) and netCDF (network Common Data Format) data are available.
File names of CSV and netCDF data are composed of date and time which is launched universal time: (year)(month)(day)(hour)(min).csv and (year)(month)(day)(hour)(min).nc.

Data Format (csv file)
1st line

Column Units Comments
1 YYYY/MM/DD Launching Date
2 hh:mm:ss Launching Universal Time
3 hour Time Zone (GMT+0)
4 Degree Longitude
5 Degree Latitude
6 m Sea Level
7 Sonde Serial No.

below 2nd line

Column Units Comments
1 sec Elapsed time from launch
2 m Height (above sea-level)
3 hPa Pressure
4 Degree C Temperature
5 % Relative humidity
6 m/s Zonal wind
7 m/s Meridional wind
Value -999. means missing data.



[Numerical data and plots]

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