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Cloud-top height product estimated by geostationary satellite

Download site of product of cloud top height and optical thickness estimated by geostationary satellite measurements.

2019/09/04: File completion

2019/09/04: Official products for Himawari-8

Major changes from version 2 (2019/09/04)

Data specification

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Photo by Hachi
(Updated: 2019/09/04; Version 3 released)
(Updated: 2014/08/29; Add quick-look animation; Delete link to V10 data)
(Updated: 2013/09/30; Add descriptions on the major changes from V1 to V2)
(Updated: 2013/09/13; Version 2 released)
(Updated: 2012/08/17; Small change)
(Updated: 2012/08/10; Add data and quick look images of MTSAT-1R period)
(Updated: 2012/06/06; Add quick look images of MTSAT-2 period)